Weekly Screens

Net-Nets In The Market (16th October 2021)

This week's curated net-nets.

This is a weekly screen for stocks that match Graham’s net-net strategy.


  • Excluded firms with “China” or “Chinese” in their description, those in the financial industry, and those which did not file reports in 2020.
  • Market cap <= 500 million (USD).
  • Revenue => 1 million (local currency).
  • Some additional data cleaning.


TickerShort NameAverage 6-M VolumeMarket Cap USDPrice (JPY)P/NCAV
6416 JP EquityKATSURAGAWA ELEC50286808506390.38
3600 JP EquityFUJIX LTD5262047725215940.44
8046 JP EquityMARUFUJI SHEET P13707133356820380.50
8152 JP EquitySOMAR CORP12113350827019550.52
4957 JP EquityYASUHARA CHEMICA2518539706685690.52
8995 JP EquityMAKOTO CONSTRUCT757112325516380.53
6303 JP EquitySASAKURA ENGINEE8467329472826900.53
8881 JP EquityNISSHIN GROUP HO615722119955525160.54
6142 JP EquityFUJI SEIKO LTD7695227065213870.54
5921 JP EquityKAWAGISHI BRIDGE29007733636029460.54
6943 JP EquityNKK SWITCHES CO9803394998846050.54
2917 JP EquityOHMORIYA CO LTD3813352869607910.55
7887 JP EquityNANKAI PLYWOOD6754956024056100.56
7427 JP EquityECHO TRADING CO8827340176366440.57
2055 JP EquityNICHIWA SANGYO11741545013682990.57
3504 JP EquityMARUHACHI HOLDIN54871147535527910.57
7314 JP EquityODAWARA AUTO-MAC2227146137205350.58
6986 JP EquityFUTABA CORP1421912903194887820.59
7422 JP EquityTOHO LAMAC CO5411362174330400.59
5979 JP EquityKANESO CO LTD1055103255240500.59
8877 JP EquityESLEAD CORP2065022370176016530.59
7922 JP EquitySANKO SANGYO CO7805215656223340.60
7235 JP EquityTOKYO RADIATOR21229729576485790.60
6794 JP EquityFOSTER ELECTRIC1378371992912009110.60
7537 JP EquityMARUBUN CORP951841860588807580.61
6964 JP EquitySANKO CO LTD10337434281404930.62
7467 JP EquityHAGIWARA ELECTRI1659317139566421720.62
8139 JP EquityNAGAHORI CORP212875265661621810.62
6249 JP EquityGAMECARD-JOYCO173715538532812450.63
5900 JP EquityDAIKEN CO LTD1472391832327500.63
9995 JP EquityGLOSEL CO LTD56554952733764120.63
1793 JP EquityOHMOTO GUMI CO91126048131258000.64
4231 JP EquityTIGERS POLYMER22241749697284260.65
8013 JP EquityNAIGAI CO LTD50143241600143360.65
3299 JP EquityMUGEN ESTATE CO360811059451924970.65
3952 JP EquityCHUOH PACK IND7045120756411200.66
7758 JP EquitySEKONIC CORP7101677983810200.66
5449 JP EquityOSAKA STEEL CO5794541843417611310.67
Source: Bloomberg

Western Europe

TickerShort NameAverage 6-M VolumeMarket Cap (USD)P/NCAV
MPD SM EquityMINERALES PRODUC0.0065743460.05
ERO GR EquityTMC CONTENT GROU935.8216401130.22
CAD LN EquityCADOGAN PETROLEU89199.08117555160.27
UBS SM EquityURBAS GRUPO FINA16111604.00768688800.34
BOSJO SS EquityBOSJO FASTIGHETE5432.09177327820.43
SBV GR EquitySCHWABENVERLAG126.0211376090.58
PPG NO EquityPIONEER PROPERTY3314.32594979920.61
ALCOF FP EquityCOFIDUR39.69165024680.62
Source: Bloomberg

Eastern Europe

TickerShort NameAverage 6-M VolumeMarket Cap (USD)P/NCAV
ORUP RM EquityOR PJSC26031939412744.000.22
TRI PW EquityTRITON37824899892.000.30
BRNK CZ EquityBRIONKA DD5552108.810.33
IHLAS TI EquityIHLAS HOLDING3226746889462896.000.39
SHD PW EquitySOHO DEVELOPMENT78992881928.500.46
IPEKE TI EquityIPEK DOGAL ENERJ7818536349885248.000.46
IHYAY TI EquityIHLAS YAYIN HOLD675003737574416.000.50
MXC PW EquityMAXCOM SA24788575349.000.60
LNS1L LH EquityLINAS95284208854.500.60
BESK MS EquityBETON SKOPJE33697291.250.62
ELJ RO EquityELECTROAPARATAJ181341203153.630.63
Source: Bloomberg

North America

TickerShort NameAverage 6-M VolumeMarket Cap (USD)P/NCAV
NMGX US EquityNANO MAGIC INC1744193150.02
SYEV US EquitySEYCHELLE ENVIRO263246100630.21
SDTTU US EquitySANDRIDGE MISSIS3873718480000.23
PRH CN EquityPEARL RIVER HLDG245855087000.46
NHHS US EquityNORTHSTAR HEALTH42032322376960.62
Source: Bloomberg

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1 comment on “Net-Nets In The Market (16th October 2021)

  1. Anonymous

    Why is Sandridge Mississippi Trust on here, I thought you didn’t net net financial institutions. Also, I can’t find any company with ticker SYEV, not to mention a Google search of Seychelle doesn’t yield any company. It would be really helpful if you provided a more step-by-step process of how you’re finding/analyzing these companies, because a lot of them I am not even getting a positive NCAV.


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